Doctor's Cove

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Doctor's Cove is located at Emerald Bay on Santa Catalina Island and the start of many Catalina Channel swims. It is the most popular dive spot at Emerald Bay for beginners and continuing education because it has easy entry/exit points in a protected cove with calm conditions. While conditions can vary due to weather, this spot is more protected from waves, current and surge which can reduce visibility and increase swimming effort.


From the Dive Locker at Camp Emerald Bay, it's a short walk down a wooden stair case to Doctor's Cove. At the base of the Cove there is a bench to sit down and relax or make any adjustments to gear. The entry is an easy pebbled and sandy beach.

Underwater Terrain and Marine Life

Underwater there are sweeping kelp beds, large and small bat rays, leopard sharks, Garibaldi fish and moray eels right inside the cove as well as octopus, abalone and sleeping fish.

Open Water Swimming

The California Screamin' Relay was a six-person relay with Tina Neill, Forrest Nelson, Kent Nicholas, Ernie Hoftyzer, Emily Evans, and Melodee Nugent when the team swam from Doctor's Cove on Santa Catalina Island around Santa Catalina Island to around Santa Barbara Island to return around the remaining part of Santa Catalina Island to finish at the Isthmus in 51 hours 55 minutes in 2015.

WOWSA Live Interview

with Hank Wise, Lyle Nalli, Ted Bramble and Benjamin Landis on WOWSA Live

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