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noun - Dryland training (or simply dryland) is a term used by swimmers and swimming coaches that refers to physical conditioning that a swimmer does out of the water. It is a form of cross training that includes cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength activities with the goal to condition, stretch and strengthen muscles that are used in swimming while building fitness and athleticism.

Types of Dryland Training

  • General conditioning to build an endurance base and increase cardiovascular fitness: running, jumping, spinning, rowing, cycling, stair climbing, Tabata training, KAATSU Training
  • Strength phase to produce hypertrophy while maintaining flexibility and muscular balance: weight lifting and calisthenics
  • Power phase to develop explosiveness and speed: strength exercises and upper body plyometric drills
  • Taper phase to maintain fitness and muscle recovery: minimal weight lifting and cardiovascular fitness


Alex Meyer, Open Water Swimming Olympian

Alex Meyer is a long-time member of USA Swimming and its national open water swimming team talks about life outside the pool:

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