Epiphany swimming

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noun - Epiphany swimming is swimming or entering in icy waters on the day of the Epiphany in many Eastern Orthodox Christian countries to receive a cross. Orthodox Christians celebrate the religious holiday of Epiphany according to the Julian calendar on January 19th.

Traditions differ across the Eastern Orthodox Christian countries of southern and eastern European countries, but swimmers dive for a cross at the bottom of the lake or river to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ. In Serbia at the Epiphany Swimming for the Holy Cross of Honour held annually on 19 January 2012 in the Old City Beach in Šabac, tradition is to jump into cold water and swim for the cross which is 33 meters away in honor of Christ’s years on earth. It is a competition and the first one to touch the cross is a winner and get’s to carry honorary title of knight for that year.



Ice swimming, winter swimming, cold water swimming

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