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Members of the Organising Committee of the PRSI or Persatuan Renang Seluruh Indonesia, the Indonesian Swimming Federation in English: Ismail Ning (member), Amir Husein (Head of Open Water Swimming Committee), Ari Tribusono (member), Ray Sani (member), Liza G Januar (Deputy of Secretary General of PRSI)

noun - A race director is the organiser of an open water swimming competition, charity swim, ice swim, extreme swim, stage race, or championship event. The race director is responsible for all aspects of the event including registration, safety, course set-up, rule adjudication, permitting, timing, public relations, marketing, volunteer and staff coordination, awards, and results.


event director, race organiser, race organizer, event organiser, event organizer, race coordinator, event coordinator, meet director, event manager, organizing committee, swim secretary

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