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The Fat Salmon Open Water Swim is an annual 2-race open water swimming competition held in Lake Washington in Seattle, Washington. It is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.

It is a point-to-point swim that starts on the West side of Lake Washington, at a Seattle Public Park called the Day Street Boat Ramp. It is located essentially underneath the I-90 Bridge. Swimmers enter the water in waves of 30-50 at a time. Waves will be approximately 10 minutes apart. The race is a straight shot North from the I-90 Bridge approximately parallel to the Lake Washington shoreline to Madison Park Beach.


1.2-mile, 3.2-mile




City Lake Washington, Seattle

State/County/Province Washington

Country USA

Region Americas


Name Liz Shimizu

Email fatsalmonswim@gmail.com

Website www.fatsalmonswim.org

Event Information

Month: July

Event Date: 21 July 2012

Class: Amateur

Wetsuit: No


3-Mile Fat Salmon (men):
Non-Wetsuit: Jeff Erwin - 1:03:51, July 19, 2003
Wetsuit: Eddie Switaj - 1:05:17, July 18, 2009

3-Mile Fat Salmon (women):
Non-Wetsuit: Sara Quan - 1:11:46, July 20, 2002
Wetsuit: Teri Campbell - 1:09:23, July 21, 2001

1 Mile Chum Salmon (men):
Non-Wetsuit: Gordon Smith - 24:40, July 14, 2007
Wetsuit: Dave Thomson - 23:43, July 19, 2003

1 Mile Chum Salmon (women):
Non-Wetsuit: Megan Storey - 25:03, July 19, 2003
Wetsuit: Sarah Hoisington- 25:57, July 18, 2009

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