Fergil Hesterman

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Fergil Hesterman with Birna Hrönn Sigurjónsdóttir on a 2000 km swimming road trip through Iceland
Fergil Hesterman was nominated for the 2019 WOWSA Awards in the World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year category

Fergil Hesterman is a 30-year-old Dutch pool and ice swimmer whose nickname is the Frozen Flying Dutchman from Diemen, Netherlands. He serves as an International Ice Swimming Association official and organizer of the Amsterdam Ice Swim in the Netherlands.

2019 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year Nomination

Hesterman was nominated for the 2019 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year award with the following nomination:

Fergil Hesterman, known as the Frozen Flying Dutchman, is a 26-year-old Dutch swimmer with 5 Ice Miles and 3 Ice Sevens under his cap. During 2019, the 26-year-old completed three fast Ice Kilometers (13:09 in January in Germany + 13:26 in January in the Netherlands + 12:42 in March in Russia) and won the season title on the inaugural International Ice Swimming Association World Cup Series over Petar Stoychev, Christof Wandratsch, and Sven Elfferich. But in addition to his cold water training and ice swimming accomplishments, Hesterman works hard behind the scenes to further develop and promote the sport of ice swimming. Together with Richard Broer and Christa Hesterman-van Beers, he co-founded and manages IISA Netherlands, sets up training groups for the Amstel Ice Swim, serves as the event organizer of the Amstel Ice Swim, helps at the Dutch Championships Ice Swimming and Bodengraven Ice Swim, organizes official courses to train more International Ice Swimming Association officials, and maintains national records and safety standards for ice swimming. For his heartfelt passion and foundational support of the sport that is building a strong base for the future, for his ice swimming speed and accomplishments around the world, and for mentoring, inspiring and helping beginner swimmers and local organizers in their early years, Fergil Hesterman is a worthy nominee for the 2019 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.

Open Water Swimming Career

2016 Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere World Championships

Hesterman finished fourth in the 1 km ice kilometer race in Wöhrsee, Burghausen, Germany.

Ice Mile in Lesotho

Hesterman finished an Ice Mile at Afriski in Lesotho, Africa at 10,000 feet altitude in 4°C water

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