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Gillian McShane

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Gillian McShane is an Irish cold water swimmer who participated in the 2015 Ireland Ice Swimming Championships 1 km race in Conroy Pond, Northern Ireland in 3.1°C water. She also participated in the relay across Camlough Lake, site for the Guinness Book record set by the Camlough Team, a relay of 220 swimmers who swam non-stop 685.5 km (426.5 miles) in for 232 hours 52 minutes over 9 nights and 10 days in 2009 under the leadership of Aoife McCourt-Lynch and Pádraig Mallon.

Ireland Ice Swimming Championships

Video by Pádraig Mallon at the 2015 Ireland Ice Swimming Championships, hosted by the Camlough Lake Water Festival at Wild Water Armagh (Conroy Pond) in Northern Ireland.

Infinity 5 North Channel Relay Team

McShane was a member of the Infinity 5 North Channel Relay Team was a 5-person relay that crossed the North Channel and consisted of Joe Belton, David Burke, Gillian McShane, Noel Grimes, and Thomas O'Hagan with Ian Conroy and Patricia McParland as crew and Pádraig Mallon as escort pilot on 7 August 2015 in 13 hours 15 minutes.

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