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Gregorio Paltrinieri and Kristóf Rasovszky of Hungary tied for the 2022 FINA Marathon Swim World Series title
Gregorio Paltrinieri at the 2022 FINA World Championships in Hungary where he competed in the 800m freestyle, 1500m freestyle, 5 km open water swim, 10 km marathon swim, and 6 km team relay. Photo by Mike Lewis
Gregorio Paltrinieri is a finalist in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games held on 5 August 2021 in Odaiba Marine Park in Tokyo Bay, Japan
2022 LEN European Championships 5 km team relay podium finishers - Italy (gold with Rachele Bruni, Ginevra Taddeucci, Gregorio Paltrinieri, Domenico Acerenza), Hungary (silver with Reka Rohacs, Anna Olasz, David Betlehem, Kristof Rasovszky), France (bronze with Madelon Catteau, Aurelie Muller, Axel Reymond, Logan Fontaine) in Ostia, Italy

Gregorio Paltrinieri (born 5 September 1994 in Carpi, Italy) is a 26-year-old Italian competitive swimmer in the pool and open water and Olympic 1500m freestyle champion.

Pool Swimming Career

  • Olympic champion: 2016 Rio de Janeiro, 1500m freestyle
  • Bronze medalist, 800m freestyle, 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  • World champion: 2015 Kazan, 1500m freestyle
  • World championship silver medalist: 2015 Kazan, 800m freestyle
  • World championships bronze medalist: 2013 Barcelona, 1500m freestyle
  • Five-time European champion: 2012 Debrecen, 1500m freestyle; 2014 Berlin, 800m and 1500m freestyle; 2016 London, 800m and 1500m freestyle); silver medalist (2012 Debrecen, 800m freestyle)
  • World short-course champion: 2014 Doha, 1500m freestyle
  • World short-course two-time silver medalist: 2012 Istanbul, 1500m freestyle; 2016 Windsor, 1500m freestyle
  • 3-time European champion: 2012 Chartres, 1500m freestyle; 2015 Netanya, 1500m freestyle, 2016
  • 2-time European long course champion in the 800m freestyle
  • 1500m freestyle (25m short course) world record holder in 14:08.06 set at the European Short Course Swimming Championships 2015 at the age of 21.
  • long course European records in the 800m and 1500m freestyle with times of 7:40.81 and 14:34.04
  • completed a 5,000m pool swim 50 minutes 56.50 seconds at the Italian indoor distance championships in Riccione, Italy.
  • He was named 2022 Swimming World Magazine Open Water Swimmer of the Year.

Open Water Swimming Career

2020 Tokyo Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Results

Gold: Florian Wellbrock (Germany, 23) 1:48:33.70
Silver: Kristóf Rasovszky (Hungary, 24) 1:48:59.00
Bronze: Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy, 26) 1:49:01.10
4. Matan Roditi (Israel, 22) 1:49:24.90
5. Athanasios Kynigakis (Greece, 22) 1:49:29.20
6. Marc-Antoine Olivier (France, 25) 1:50:23.00
7. Ferry Weertman (Netherlands, 29) 1:51:30.80
8. Michael McGlynn (South Africa, 21) 1:51:32.70
9. Hau-Li Fan (Canada, 23) 1:51:37.00
10. Jordan Wilimovsky (USA, 27) 1:51:40.20
11. Rob Muffels (Germany, 26) 1:53:03.30
12. Kai Graeme Edwards (Australia, 22) 1:53:04.00
13. Taishin Minamide (Japan, 25) 1:53:07.50
14. Mario Sanzullo (Italy, 28) 1:53:08.60
15. David Farinango (Ecuador, 20) 1:53:09.80
16. Phillip Seidler (Namibia, 23) 1:53:14.10
17. Daniel Delgadillo (Mexico, 31) 1:53:14.40
18. Alberto Martinez (Spain, 23) 1:53:16.50
19. Kirill Abrosimov (Russian Olympic Committee, 29) 1:54:29.30
20. Ous Mellouli (Tunisia, 37) 1:56:33.30
21. Vitaliy Khudyakov (Kazakhstan, 26) 1:57:53.70
22. William Yan Thorley (Hong Kong, 18) 1:58:33.40
23. Tiago Campos (Portugal, 22) 1:59:42.00
24. Matej Kozubek (Czech Republic, 25) 2:01:52.10
DNF Hector Thomas Cheal Pardoe (Great Britain, 20)
DNF David Aubry (France, 24)

Warming Up

2019 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships

Interview with Swimming World Magazine after winning the 2019 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Championships in Miami, Florida.

FINA/HOSA Marathon Swim World Series 2018 in Qiandao Lake

2019 FINA World Championships Mixed Relay

Rachele Bruni, Giulia Gabbrielleschi, Domenico Acerenze and Gregorio Paltrinieri finished 2nd in the 5 km Mixed Relay race at the 2019 FINA World Championships in 53:58.90 on 18 July 2019 in Gwangju, South Korea.

2020 WOWSA Awards

He was nominated for the 2020 WOWSA Awards in the World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year category with the following nomination: As reigning Olympic pool swimming champions, only Grant Hackett and Oussama Mellouli have attempted to add marathon swimming to their Olympic goals. But 2016 Rio Olympic gold medalist Gregorio Paltrinieri is proving himself capable of exceeding Hackett's goals and setting himself up to achieve the exceedingly difficult Mellouli Double - winning Olympic medals in both pool swimming and marathon swims in one Olympic Games. But with great implications for the future for swimmers of all levels, Paltrinieri is getting faster in both the pool and in the open water at the same time, a feat previously thought impossible by pool coaches. For breaking the 1500m freestyle European and Italian national records, clocking 14:33:10 at the 2020 Sette Colli Trophy in Italy in the second fastest 1500m in history in a year of training cut short by the pandemic, for qualifying and simultaneously training and preparing for the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, 800m and 1500m freestyle pool events at the Tokyo Olympics, and for being open, realistic, and positive about his chances and dreams for achieving the Mellouli Double in Tokyo, Gregorio Paltrinieri of Italy is a worthy nominee for the 2020 World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year.

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