Isles of Scilly

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The Isles of Scilly is an archipelago off the southwestern tip of Cornwall, England. One of the islands, St Agnes, is the most southerly point in England, being over 4 miles (6.4 km) further south than the most southerly point of the British mainland at Lizard Point. The population of all the islands at the 2011 census was 2,203. Scilly forms part of the ceremonial county of Cornwall.

The adjective "Scillonian" is sometimes used for people or things related to the archipelago. The Duchy of Cornwall owns most of the freehold land on the islands. Tourism is a major part of the local economy, along with agriculture—particularly the production of cut flowers.

Open Water Swimming

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Created By Kate Rew of Wild Swim for the Outdoor Swimming Society: There are many places to enter the sea in this archipelago of 300 islands, of which only six are inhabited. Start on St Mary's so head to a sheltered beach and take a first dip in the clear, cool Atlantic water from the lea of the island. Since there are so few people, it is relatively easy to find a secluded spot to abandon the last stitches of cossies without fear of offense; on the other hand, swimmers might prefer a wetsuit to allow more time enjoying the rugged scenery from the water. There is great snorkelling at Green Bay where divers can look down on weed-encrusted stone walls of drowned valleys, lost as the islands have sunk slowly into the sea. The book Wild Swim by Kate Rew, details specific crossings; and the specialist swim-holiday company SwimTrek offers week-long tours swimming in the Scilly Isles in an island-hopping adventure as the mood and weather takes it.

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