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Jay Thomas

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Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas is a commercial pilot and open water swimming and competitive swimming official. He is a long-time member of USA Swimming board of directors and various task forces. He has also served as a FINA open water swimming official and was selected as an official for the pool swimming and Olympic 10K Marathon Swim at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


Officiating Career[edit]

USA Swimming Career[edit]

  • LSC Official – 1997‐Present
  • Officials Committee Chair – 2003‐2007
  • LSC Board of Directors, 2005‐present
  • Records Chair, NTV Chair, LSC Webmaster
  • Southern Zone Championship Official – 1999‐2005.  
  • Meet Referee 2003, 2004
  • USA Swimming National Championship Meet Referee: Irvine – 2010 (Senior Nationals), Austin; 2008 (Junior Nationals), Irvine; 2006 (Junior Nationals), Fort Myers; 2007 (Open Water), Minneapolis; 2008 (Open Water)
  • Times and Recognition Committee – 2006 ‐ present
  • Rules and Regulations Committee – 2008 ‐ present
  • Women in Officiating Task Force
  • On‐Line Meet Entry (OME), Officials Tracking System (OTS), LSC Records Portal Development and Testing Teams, SWIMS Enhancement Coordinator, Rules and Regulations Committee ‐  Section 102, Glossary,

Timing Correction Task Force

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