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Carybdea Box Jellyfish
Blue blubber that stung the open water swimmers during the 2007 World Swimming Championships in St Kilda Beach in Melbourne, Australia
Stings from the tentacles of box jellyfish on the arms of Chloe McCardel
Adam Walker felt the painful stings of jellyfish towards the end of his Molokai Channel crossing in Hawaii

noun - Jellyfish are free-swimming marine creatures that float with the winds and currents with a nearly transparent body and long tentacles with stinging cells (nematocysts).


The swimmer swam right into a brood of jellyfish off of the coast and was stung on his arms and face.


Marine stinger, Box jellyfish, Portuguese man o war, sea wasp, Agua mala [Spanish], moon jellyfish, Blue blubber, Lion's mane, jellies, jelly

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