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Members of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation including Dale Petranech, John York, Linda Bamford, Paula Selby, David Clark, Carol Sing and Penny Dean at the induction ceremonies at the United Nations in June 2011. Photo by Skip Storch
John York with Jay Wilkerson, coach Flip Darr, Chad Hundeby, Martha Jahn, Karen Burton, Dirk Bouma, Sid Cassidy and coach Penny Dean as part of the record-setting English Channel relay that set three English Channel relay records: 6 hours 52 minutes on their first leg (England-to-France), 7 hours 26 minutes on their second leg (France-to-England), and the fastest overall and fastest 2-way relay (England-to-France-to-England) in 14 hours 18 minutes in 1990
John York upon finishing his sixth career Catalina Channel crossing on his 40th birthday on 6 October 2000

John York (born 7 October 1960) is an American marathon swimmer and coach who was inducted as an Honour Swimmer in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 1989. York is the King of the Catalina Channel with the most number of successful crossings of the Catalina Channel in Southern California, U.S.A. He completed crossings in 1966, 1966, 1968 and 1984, including the fastest double-crossing of 16 hours 42 minutes in 1968. He also swam the English Channel in 1988 and has coached numerous swimmers across the Catalina Channel, including USA National Team swimmers.

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Fastest Catalina Channel Crossings in History

1. 7:15 by Penny Lee Dean, USA, MC in September 1976
2. 7:26 by Grace van der Byl, USA, CM in October 2012
4. 7:46 by Pete Huisveld, USA, MC in August 1992
4. 7:41 by John York, USA, MC in September 1978 (first leg of a 2-way)
5. 7:44 by Karen Burton, USA, CM in October 1994
6. 8:05 by Todd Robinson, USA, CM in August 2009
6. 8:06:04 by Hank Wise, USA, CM in October 2010
8. 8:06:46 by Hank Wise, USA, MC in June 2015
9. 8:14 by Chad Hundeby, USA, CM in September 1994
10. 8:20 by Gemma Jensen, Australia, CM in August 2006
11. 8:26 by Jim McConica, USA, CM in October 1984
12. 8:28 by Rendy Lynn Opdycke, USA, CM in August 2008
14. 8:41 by John York, USA, MC in October 1976
14. 8:42 by John York, USA, CM in October 2000

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World's 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Men

He was named one of the World's 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Men in 2015 by the World Open Water Swimming Association.

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