Kaiwi Channel Association

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noun - The Kaiwi Channel Association (or the Kaiwi Channel Swimmers Association is a governing body of crossings between the islands of Molokai and Oahu in the state of Hawaii, managed by Jeff Kozlovich and Steve Haumschild. The Association also organizes and oversees the 28-mile Ka'iwi Channel Swim, a 6-person relay competition from Molokai to Oahu.

Molokai Channel Crossing

Footage of Pat Gallant-Charette by Mike Scott

Maui Nui Triangle Swim

The Kaiwi Channel Association planned and helped escort Becca Mann on her unprecedented 57.58 km Maui Nui Triangle Swim between the islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai in the state of Hawaii on 18-19 August 2019 in 20 hours 53 minutes: 15.75 km from Maui to Molokai, 26.50 km from Molokai to Lanai, and 15.33 km from Lanai to Maui.

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