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Kara Robertson is an American coach with Swim Las Vegas, Nevada’s premier open water swimming and triathlon-specific U.S. Masters Swimming team.

Open Water Swimming Career Highlights

  • She is the race director of the annual Slam the Dam competition held in Lake Mead in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. In 2011, 265 competitors, 85 watercraft and 50 volunteers took to Lake Mead National Recreation Area for the Slam the Dam Open Water Swim. 4 countries, 17 states and 41 U.S. Masters Swimming teams were represented.
  • She is the race director for the Las Vegas 10.
  • She regularly competes in endurance swims.
  • She is an ASCA Level 2 & U.S. Masters Level 1 coach who loves to instruct beginners.
  • In 2008, she swam 10.85 miles from the base of the Hoover Dam in 52-54ºF water down the Colorado River through Black Canyon just before Willow Beach, a swim that became the inspiration for Slam the Dam event.
  • She swam 10 km from the Golden Gate Bridge to the San Francisco Bay Bridge.
  • She has competed in numerous triathlons and open water swimming competitions across the country, all without a wetsuit.
  • On 10 August 2008, she completed the 10 km Horsetooth Swim in Colorado in 4 hours 11 minutes 44 seconds at the age of 33.
  • On 14 August 2010, she completed the 10 km Deer Creek Marathon Swim in Utah in 4 hours 38 minutes 20 seconds at the age of 35.

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