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Lake Malawi (also known as Lake Nyasa in most countries, or Lake Nyassa, Lake Niassa, or Lago Niassa in Mozambique), is an African Great Lake and the southernmost lake in the East African Rift system. The lake, the third largest in Africa and the eighth largest lake in the world, is located between Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. It is the second deepest lake in Africa, although its placid northern shore gives no hint of its depth. This great lake's tropical waters are reportedly the habitat of more species of fish than those of any other body of freshwater on Earth, including more than 1000 species of cichlids.

Lake Malawi was officially declared a reserve by the Government of Mozambique on June 10, 2011 in an effort to protect one of the largest and bio-diverse freshwater lakes in the world.

Lake Malawi or Lake Nyaza is between 560 and 580 kilometers long, and about 75 kilometers wide at its widest point. The total surface area of this lake is about 29,600 square kilometers (11,400 sq mi). This lake has shorelines on western Mozambique, eastern Malawi, and southern Tanzania. The largest river flowing into this lake is the Ruhuhu River. This large freshwater lake has an outlet at its southern end, which is the Shire River, a tributary that flows into the very large Zambezi River in Mozambique.

Open Water Swimming

Lake Malawi Madswimmer Crossing

28 Madswimmers 25 km crossing of Lake Malawi in October 2016 in a big group swim.

Martin Hobbs' Lake Malawi Stage Swim

Martin Hobbs completed a 64-day, 596.6 km stage swim together with Boat Captain & Sponsor Oresti Yiannakis, Jetski escort pilot Steven Hobbs, planners and sponsors Chris Yiannakis, and paramedic and tech guy Russell Malherbey

Stillwater 8

Lake Malawi is part of the Stillwater 8, a solo marathon swimming challenge created by Michelle Macy:

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