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Channel swimmer Martha Wood standing triumphantly on Cap Gris Nez, France after her 12 hour 25 minute crossing of the English Channel. Photo by Elaine Howley
A long distance swimmer escorted by a pace swimmer and John Pittman and support crew aboard the Outrider in the Catalina Channel
Salvatore Cimmino, an Italian long distance swimmer, to speak at the 2015 Sports Technology and Disability Politics Conference in Miami, Florida
Pod or pack of long distance swimmers of the Gatorman of the annual La Jolla Rough Water Swim in La Jolla Cove, California

noun - Long distance swimmer is an athlete who competes in open water swimming competitions, attempts solo or relay open water swims, marathon swims, or channel swims, or trains or exercises in open bodies of water for fitness or fun. Alternatively, it can refer to a swimmer who specializes in the longer freestyle races in pool swimming competitions.


The long distance swimmer entered the 10 km race in Midmar as part of the annual Midmar Mile event.


Channel swimmer, marathon swimmer, ultra-marathon swimmer, roughwater swimmer, ocean swimmer, open water swimmer, distance swimmer


Video of Brad McVetta crossing the Tsugaru Channel courtesy of Masayuki Moriya of Ocean-navi and the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association

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