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Nejib Belhedi pulling camel Chamakh 4 km in the sea of Mahdia in Tunisia
Nejib Belhedi plans a 130 km solo swim from Lampedusa, Italy to Mahdia, Tunisia in September 2019, estimated to take over 80 hours

Mahdia, (Arabic: المهدية‎ al-Mahdiya), is a Tunisian coastal city with 45,977 inhabitants, south of Monastir and southeast of Sousse. Mahdia is a provincial centre north of Sfax. It is important for the associated fish-processing industry, as well as weaving. It is the capital of Mahdia Governorate.

Open Water Swimming

Nejib Belhedi plans to swim 141 km from Lampedusa in southern Italy to Mahdia in September 2019 as a solo marathon swim.

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