Manhattan Challenge Swim

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The Manhattan Challenge Swim was a special 4-person match race around Manhattan Island on 10 September 2010 organized by Morty Berger that pitted American Olympian Mark Warkentin and 4-time Bulgarian Olympian Petar Stoychev and between Rondi Davies and Tobey-Anne Saracino on a 45.9 km record circumnavigation swim attempt in New York City.


The four swimmers attempted to break Shelley Taylor-Smith's circumnavigation swim record of 5 hours 45 minutes.


Randall’s Island was the start and finish point of the Manhattan Challenge Swim held on 10 September 2010, a 45.9 km mano-a-mano match race between Mark Warkentin and Petar Stoychev and between Rondi Davies and Tobey Saracino, organized by Morty Berger.


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