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Mike Cochrane

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Mike Cochrane after finishing a crossing of the Apolima Strait in Samoa

Mike Cochrane is an open water swimmer from Auckland, New Zealand.

Open Water Swimming Career

History of Crossing Apolima Strait

  • Iosia Leau (Samoa) 1988 at the age of 26 in 5 hours
  • Mike Cochrane (New Zealand) 2015 at the age of 33 in 8 hours 1 minute
  • Rosie Sharman (New Zealand) 2015 at the age of 32 in 8 hours 30 minutes
  • Phillip Ryan (New Zealand) 2016 at the age of 25 in 5 hours 3 minutes
  • Abby Armstrong (New Zealand) 2016 at the age of 28 in 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Bronwen Burmester (New Zealand) 2016 at the age of 60 in 8 hours 5 minutes
  • Kate Sinclair (Australia) 2016 at the age of 37 in 8 hours 15 minutes
  • Todd Pritchard (New Zealand) 2016 at the age of 49 in 8 hours 25 minutes

Chopper Sea Challenge

The Chopper Sea Challenge is a 20 km (12.4-mile) marathon swim from Matiatia Bay on Waiheke Island to Mechanics Bay in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. It was a charity swim from Waiheke to Auckland that raises money for the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter and was completed by Michael Buck (solo), Jillian Walker (solo), Mike Cochrane (solo), Olaf Adam (solo), Mark Lenaarts (solo), Axel Wohlfarth (solo), Brent Foster (solo), and duo team of Stuart Whitney and Rosie Sharman, and trio team of Natalie Dobson, Jeroen Went, and Dean Madsen.

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