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The Minnetonka Challenge or the Lake Minnetonka Swim is a 5-mile solo and 2- or 3-person 5-mile relay open water swimming competition in Minnesota that is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims. It is held in July/August, and starts on Excelsior Beach and finishes on Wayzata Beach in Lake Minnetonka. Also held is a "double" or a 10 mile Challenge. Starting in Wayzata Beach, turning at Excelsior Beach, Finishing at Wayzata Beach.

Water temperature is about 76ºF (24ºC) with possible weeds, fish, wind, and fishing boats along the coast. It is hosted by Hopkins Masters/ Genesis Aquatics.

It is also part of the Twin Cities Open Water Half Marathon that includes the 1 Mile and 2 Mile @ Lake Harriet in June, the 5 km @ Lake Rebecca in July, the 5-mile Minnetonka Challenge in August, and the 2 Mile @ Lake Minnetonka(JJ Hill Days) in September.


5-mile solo swim 5-mile relay (2-mile, 2-mile, 1-mile) with three swimmers 10-mile solo swim(every other year)2012,2014,2017,2019


Relays can be 2 or 3-person teams. Swimmers will exchange places at Big Island and Spirit Island. Approximate distances are:

  • Excelsior to Big Island: 2 miles
  • Big Island to Spirit Island: 2 miles
  • Spirit Island to Wayzata Beach: 1 mile

Race Time Limit: Swimmers must be at the half-way point by 8:30 am.

Relay rules

All swimmers must be USMS members. The relay age group is based on the total (combined) age of the 3 swimmers.


Each swimmer will be escorted by a kayak or canoe. Escort boats must be registered/licensed according to local regs.


Name Scott Tripps Name David Bergquist

Event Information

Event Date: 10 August 2019, 9 August 2020

Website: Minnesota Masters

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