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Ingemar Patiño Macarine Full completed a 17 km crossing of the Cebu Channel in the Philippines in 7 hours 45 minutes
Ocean hero swimwear, designed by FINIS, inspired by Bruckner Chase

noun - An ocean advocate is an individual who works in myriad ways to represent and speak for the oceans to encourage, enable and inspire personal, corporate or political action to protect or preserve our oceans and natural waters through actions (e.g., hosting seminars, conducting events, using less plastic, raising money through charity swims or marathon swims, conducting educational programs about coral reef degradation, organizing beach clean-ups), speeches, films, books, and leadership.

Their activities serve to bring attention or financial support to, or actually improve the health of the oceans and its ecosystems due to over fishing or over exploitation of marine life, pollution, dumping of contaminants, plasticity, climate change, shark finning, and man-generated erosion to the oceanic ecosystem. These individuals are dedicated to public education, ecological awareness, conservation, and improvement of the world's oceans.

Examples of Ocean Advocates

Well-known ocean advocates who are also open water swimmers include Lewis Pugh, Doug Woodring, Marcos Diaz, Bruckner Chase, Michael Beanan, Alexandra Paul and Ingemar Patiño Macarine.

Renowned ocean advocates include Wallace J. Nichols, David McGuire, Ransom Aldrich "Ram" Myers, Jr., Carl Safina, David Helvarg, Sylvia Earle (who famously advocated for society to start thinking blue as well as green), Charles William Beebe, Ted Danson, David Rockefeller, Jr., the Cousteau Family, Archie Fairly Carr, Jr., Ed Ricketts, Paul Watson, Eddie Vedder, and John Halas.


For Ocean Advocates like Lewis Pugh, advocating and implementing meaningful change is a long process involving the following steps:

1. Identifying the issue
2. Drawing attention to it - speeches, film, social media
3. Working out the solution
4. Meeting politicians and business leaders to force a political or economic solution
5. Calling for legislation and getting it through the legislative process
6. Ensuring it is adhered to


ocean hero, ocean defender, ocean activist, marine activist


Middle English occean, from Old French, from Latin ceanus, from Greek keanos, the god Oceanus, a great river encircling the earth + From Middle English advocat, lawyer, from Old French advocat, from Latin advoctus, past participle of advocre, to summon for counsel : ad-, ad- + vocre, to call; see wekw- in Indo-European roots.

Modern usage stems from the advocacy encouraged by Lewis Pugh.

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