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noun - An Oceans Seven Pioneer is an individual who completes his or her own Pioneering Oceans Seven swims.

Pioneering Oceans Seven

Pioneering Oceans Seven is a version of the Oceans Seven. To achieve the Pioneering Oceans Sevens, a swimmer must complete an unprecedented open water swim (i.e., a swim that has never attempted before) in any an open body of water under standard ice swimming rules (i.e., no wetsuit and no neoprene hat).

Oceans Seven Pioneers


  • Lewis Pugh (UK): (1) Lake Malawi (Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania), (2) Dassen Island to Yzerfontein (South Africa), (3) Cape Agulhas (South Africa), (4) North Cape (Finland), (5) Cape Peninsula (South Africa), (6) Sogneford (Norway), (7) Magdalenefjord, Spitsbergen (Norway), (8) Petermann Island (Antarctica), (9) Whaler’s Bay in Deception Island, South Shetland islands (Antarctica), (10) Nigards Glacier Lake (Norway), (11) River Thames (England), (12) Maldive Islands, (13) North Pole (Arctic Sea), (14) Mount Everest (Nepal)




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