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Open Water Wednesday is a regularly scheduled, entertaining one-hour online program that focuses exclusively on open water swimming, its superstars (both past and current), its personalities, trends, growth, equipment, rules, traditions and events. Open Water Wednesday showcases swimmers, coaches, escort pilots, sponsors, administrators, officials and race directors who describe their exploits, lifestyles and perspectives on the Zoom. Open Water Wednesday provide insight and inspiration. Listen to the first-hand insider's view of world-class swimmers, incredible personalities, top coaches, experienced escort pilots, behind-the-scenes administrators, international officials and innovative race directors who describe their exploits, lifestyles and perspectives.

Open Water Wednesday

Open Water Wednesday expanded to Open Water Monday and Open Water Friday during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

The Insider's View

Open Water Wednesday is an entertaining online talk show that focuses exclusively on open water swimming, showcasing its superstars (both past and current) and unique personalities including race directors, pilots, coaches and athletes (champions, world record holders, adventurers and endurers).

Open Water Wednesday Guests

These insightful, in-depth interviews can be seen live or later in the archives. Here are some guests:

Open Water Wednesday Programs

Simon Dominguez and Mauricio Prieto on Open Water Friday with Antonio Argüelles


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