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Nejib Belhedi, 2011 winner of the World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award for his 1400K Swim Across Tunisia with children of Tunisia and creator of the 1400K Ouma For Kids Across Tunisia
Ouma, swimming in the sea

noun - Ouma is an Arabic word meaning "swim in the sea", a typical and popular word used in Tunisia. Its concept is embodied in the new Ouma Academy created by Nejib Belhedi.

Ouma Events

  • OUMA 1400K is an initiative launched by Nejib Belhedi in Tunisia, a Swimmer of Peace and Bridge Builder in the 1400K Swim Across Tunisia who encourages people in Tunisia, especially the young and children to initiate and enjoy swimming in the sea.
  • Ouma of Dunes 2014 was held in various location in the Tunisian Sahara desert, starting in Tozeur.

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