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POW (Pool Open Water), photo by World Open Water Swimming Association
POW (Pool Open Water) in New Jersey

noun - POW or Pool Open Water is a means to practice open water swimming in a pool where all or some of the lane lines are removed and swimmers swim around the perimeter of the pool or around turn buoys anchored in the pool. The swimmers enjoyed their POW workouts when they swam around four buoys positioned near the corners of the pool. POW is one element of the concept of interleaving in the training of open water swimmers and triathletes.

POW Competitions

Pool open water races have different divisions by age group and number of loops around the pool.

Corporate Fitness

POW is one component of the Swimming Wellness or Swimming Is Medicine initiative for corporate fitness programs.



Pool Open Water helps bring the joys and challenges of open water swimming to a pool.

Traditional open water swimming, alternatively known as marathon swimming, long distance swimming or rough water swimming, is done in oceans, bays, rivers, lakes, dams, rowing basins, canals, channels, fjords and reservoirs around the world. POW combines the joys, challenges and excitement of traditional open water swimming with the convenience of a swimming pool.

Remove the lane lines in a pool, set four turn buoys near the corners and swim loops (either clockwise or counterclockwise) around the course. Swimmers can also do their warm-up, pulling, kicking, sprints, relays and main sets around the perimeter of a 25 or 50-meter pool.

POW is an enjoyable and educational introduction to traditional open water swimming when the weather is too cold or there is not access to an open body of water. Swimmers can learn and practice drafting, positioning and turning in the pool and transfer that experience to success in the open water. POW is especially helpful for triathletes and newcomers to the sport.


Special Olympics POW


インドアオープンウォータースイミング (Japanese or indoor open water swimming)

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