Pan Pacific Swimming Championships

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The Pan Pacific Swimming Championships is an international pool and open water swimming event first held in 1985. Its purpose is to allow for an international championship-level meet in the non-Olympic and non-World Championships years. The meet was founded as an alternative to the European Championships, for those countries that could not swim in those championships. Initially, the meet was open to all countries that border the Pacific Ocean, giving the meet its name. This since has been expanded/opened to include other, non-European, countries wishing to participate (e.g. Brazil and South Africa). The meet is considered to be one of the toughest international swimming competitions outside of the Olympic Games, World Championships and European Championships.

Charter Nations

The meet was founded by its four Charter nations: Canada, the United States, Australia and Japan. As part of the Charter, hosting of the meet is to rotate among these four nations, with the meet being held in Japan every other championship.

2014 Pan Pacific 10 km Race

List of championships

1st 1985 Tokyo, Japan August 15-18
2nd 1987 Brisbane, Australia August 13-16
3rd 1989 Tokyo, Japan August 17-20
4th 1991 Edmonton, Canada August 22-25
5th 1993 Kobe, Japan August 12–15
6th 1995 Atlanta, USA August 10-13
7th 1997 Fukuoka, Japan August 10-13
8th 1999 Sydney, Australia August 22-29
9th 2002 Yokohama, Japan August 24-29
10th 2006 Victoria, Canada August 17-20
11th 2010 Irvine, USA August 18-22
12th 2014 Gold Coast, Australia August 21-25

Open Water Swimming

The 10 km marathon swim at the 2010 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships was held in Marine Stadium in Long Beach, California.


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