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Paul McQueeney

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Paul McQueeney is the husband of Chloë McCardel and the expedition leader for her marathon swims and channel swims around the world, including 3 solo crossings of the English Channel within 6 days and 3 hours in June 2015, and a quadruple Channel crossing attempt of the English Channel on 28-29 August 2017. He is also a channel swimmer himself with a completed English Channel swim in 13 hours 28 minutes in 2009 under the auspices of the Channel Swimming Association.

Bahamas Swim[edit]

He joined his wife on her 124.4 km (77.3 mile) marathon swim from Lighthouse Beach on the southern tip of Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas to Nassau in 41 hours 21 minutes between 20-22 October 2014, completed under Marathon Swimmers Federation rules with Dave Barra and Brianne Yeates onboard as MSF observers.

Chloë McCardel Support Crew on Bahamas Swim[edit]

Her support crew included:

Bahamas Swim[edit]

2016 MSF Calendar[edit]

His photography was featured in the 2016 MSF Calendar:

January: 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, Stage 5. Photo by Andrew Malinak.
February: Anthony McCarley, Catalina Channel. Photo by Caren Morrison.
March: Chloë McCardel, 3-way English Channel. Photo by Paul McQueeney.
April: Wendy Van de Sompele and Ann White, Puget Sound, Washington. Photo by Peter Ray.
May: Breda Maguire, Fountainstown, Ireland. Photo by Siobhan Russell.
June: Bernard Lynch and Liam Maher, Ballycotton, Ireland. Photo by Siobhan Russell.
July: Gregg Bolsinger, English Channel. Photo by Jean Francois Bouloy.
August: Lynne MacGregor, Robben Island to Big Bay. Photo by John MacGregor.
September: Elliot Spaeder and support crew, Lake Erie. Photo by Robert Frank.
October: David Uprichard, Lake Memphremagog, Vermont Photo by Phil White.
November: Elaine Howley, Loch Ness, Scotland. Photo by Andrew Malinak.
December: Vlissingen, Netherlands. Photo by Mischa de Muynck.

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