Phuta Himchulli

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Phuta Himchuli is the area around a peak of 7,246 meters located in the mid-west of Nepal in Dhaulagiri Range of the Himalayas. It was first reached in 1954 by a British team. Set in an extraordinarily vivid backdrop to the west of Dhaulagiri, Phuta Himchuli stands in a chain of the world’s most imposing peaks of individual splendor of Dhaulagiri Range.

Open Water Swimming

Phuta Himchuli is the location of The Sky is the Limit event, a high-altitude swim organized and sponsored by Madswimmer founder Jean Craven of South Africa between 19 April and 6 May 2024, after sherpas reported to have spotted a new body of water at 7,000 meters (22,966 feet) above sea level in the Himalayas. Madswimmer members include Jean Craven, Deniz Kayadelen, Vanes-Mari du Toit, Neo Mokuene, Chiara Baars, Sean Disney, and Thufayl Ali.

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