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Rachael Elkaim

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Rachael Hanisch is a member of the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Class of 2020/2021
Rachael Elkaim of Australia

Rachael Hanisch née Elkaim is a 30-year-old open water swimmer from Australia's Tamarama Surf Club who completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. She is married to Michael Hanisch.

Open Water Swimming Career

20 Bridges (Pier A Battery Start/Finish) Results

1 Michael Hanisch 7:35:53 (Sydney, Australia)
2 Rachael Elkaim 7:44:28 (Sydney, Australia)
3 Spencer Schneider 8:05:44 (New York, New York)
4 Dean Summers 8:10:09 (Sydney, Australia)
5 Kenn Lichtenwalter 8:18:08 (New York, New York)

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