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Photo by Javier Blazquez of Christine Jennings, surrounded by Olympian Angela Maurer on her left, Olympian Melissa Gorman on her right, and Olympian Poliana Okimoto behind her in the 5 km race at the 2008 World Open Water Swimming Championships in Sevilla, Spain in an example of open water swimming physicality including impeding that can lead to a red card

noun - A red card (or red flag) is a red-colored penalty card that indicates the immediate disqualification (DQ) of a swimmer due to unsportsmanlike conduct or a serious infraction of the rules during an open water race. If an open water swimmer has been called for one yellow card (or yellow flag) during the race and commits another infraction worthy of a yellow card, he is given a red card instead. That is, two yellow cards equal one red card.


The head referee gave a red card to the swimmer who pulled back his competitor around the turn buoy.


Red Flag, disqualification, DQ, DSQ, warning


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