Rendy Lynn Opdycke

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Rendy Lynn Opdycke, USA Olympic Pentathlete hopeful training in Colorado Springs

Rendy Lynn Opdycke, whose nickname is Squirt, is a member of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming and has completed other marathon swims including the 24.8-mile (39.9 km) Santa Cruz Channel from Santa Cruz Island to East Beach in 10 hours 51 minutes on 7 July 2007. She has completed two of the Southern California Eight.

Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

Opdycke completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming in a fastest period than anyone else in the history of the sport (since elapsed). Within a 35-day period in July and August 2008, she completed the following swims:

She also won the 2006 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim overall and was second overall in the 2004 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim as well as finishing fourth in the 2008 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim.

Top 10 Swimmers with the Fastest Time to Achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming

As of October 2021:
1. Joel Matos Ortiz (Puerto Rico) 27 days
2. Patrick McKnight (USA) 34 days
3. Rendy Lynn Opdycke (USA) 35 days
4. Victoria Cox (Australia) 64 days
5. David Barra (USA) 81 days
6. Miguel Guillermo Campero Garcia (Mexico) 82 days
7. Dina Levačić (Czech Republic) 84 days
7. Elizabeth Almond (USA) 84 days
9. Lynton Mortensen (Australia) 89 days
10. Antonio Argüelles (Mexico) 92 days (br/>

Fastest Catalina Channel Crossings in History

1. 7:15 by Penny Lee Dean, USA, MC in September 1976
2. 7:27 by Grace van der Byl, USA, CM in October 2012
3. 7:37 by Pete Huisveld, USA, MC in August 1992
4. 7:41 by John York, USA, MC in September 1978 (first leg of a 2-way)
5. 7:43 by Karen Burton, USA, CM in October 1994
6. 8:05 by Todd Robinson, USA, CM in August 2009
7. 8:07:03 by Hank Wise, USA, CM in October 2010
8. 8:07:37 by Hank Wise, USA, MC in June 2015
9. 8:14 by Chad Hundeby, USA, CM in September 1993
10. 8:20 by Gemma Jensen, Australia, CM in August 2006
11. 8:27 by Jim McConica, USA, CM in October 1983
12. 8:28 by Rendy Lynn Opdycke, USA, CM in August 2008
13. 8:31 by John York, USA, MC in October 1977
14. 8:32 by John York, USA, CM in October 2000


She was a world-class pentathlete competing for USA Pentathlon and training in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


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