Repulse Bay

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1,000 children and 150 volunteers create human aerial art of a shark in Repulse Bay Beach in Hong Kong designed by John Quigley and organized by Doug Woodring of Ocean Recovery Alliance

Repulse Bay is a bay in the southern part of Hong Kong Island, located in the south of Hong Kong Island, to the east of Deep Water Bay and to the west of Middle Bay and South Bay. It is site of a FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup race, the Clean Half and other marine sporting events such as Human aerial art.

Video of Aerial Art on Repulse Bay Beach

Time lapse video of 1000 children and 150 volunteers creating a human aerial art of a shark, designed by John Quigley of Spectral Q and organized by Doug Woodring of Ocean Recovery Alliance in November 2013.

Open Water Swimming

The Middle Island Challenge Hong Kong is a 3.3 km open water race around Middle Island near Repulse Bay held on 29 October 2016, organized by the Open Water Swimmers Hong Kong (OWSHK).

Platysens is a sponsor of the event where the winners received a voucher to exchange for The Marlin.

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