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Zêzere is a river in Portugal, tributary to the Tagus. It rises in the Serra da Estrela, near the Torre, the highest point of continental Portugal. The Zêzere runs through the town Manteigas, runs through Belmonte, passes south of the city Covilhã and east of the town of Pedrogão Grande. It flows into the Tagus in Constância.

Open Water Swimming[edit]

  • Swim Camp Zêzere is a 6-day fully escorted 4 km swim per day in Zêzere organized by SwimTogether and led by André Santos.
  • Mayra Santos swam 45 km along the River Zêzere between Foz de Alge in the municipality of Figueiró dos Vinhos and River Beach in Aldeia do Mato in the municipality of Abrantes on 20 June 2021. She was the first woman to accomplish this feat.


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