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Ross Edgley's Great British Swim was voted as the 2018 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year in a global online poll, nominated by the World Open Water Swimming Association
Ross Edgley training with KAATSU equipment
Ross Edgley's first how-to book, The World's Fittest Book
Ross Edgley training for his Strongman swims who spoke at the 2018 Open Water Summit at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, California on 10 November 2018
Ross Edgley completed an unprecedented Great British Swim between 1 June and 4 November 2018 that was extensively covered by Red Bull Media House
Rich Roll podcast with Ross Edgley
Ross Edgley is listed in the 2019 Guinness World Record book

Ross Edgley (born 1985) is a celebrated strongman and open water swimmer, former water polo player, decorated expert in the fitness industry, and a graduate of Loughborough University School of Sport and Exercise Science. Edgley is co-founder of The Protein Works and has amassed a social media following of well over a half a million people.



Edgley writes for GQ Magazine, Men's Health, Telegraph,, Men's Fitness and more. He has authored three books:

Strongman Swimming

Edgley is the creator of strongman swimming where he swims as he pulls a heavy 100 lb. log through the water.

Strongman Swimming Charity Events

The Great British Swim

Loch Ness Swim

  • In September 2022, he attempted to swim 162 km (100 miles) across Loch Ness in Scotland, but stopped short at 73 km after 52 hours 39 minutes, swimming in a wetsuit, neoprene gloves, a neoprene hat and a tow float in water that dropped to 5°C (41°F) with rain and winds gusting up to 20 knots at the age of 36. The swim objective was to raise awareness for sea kelp conservation in Scotland with support from Skye whisky distillery Talisker and Parley for the Oceans, a non-profit environmental organization.


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Edgley coined the term broseidon as a reference to his male colleagues and friends in the open water swimming community. It is a portmanteau word that combines of brother and Poseidon.


Edgley coined the term brocean as a reference to a profoundly deep friendship, connection and camaraderie between male ocean swimmers. It is a portmanteau word that combines of brother and ocean.

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