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noun - Shark Shield™ is a unique shark deterrent system by Shark Shield Pty Ltd that offers a technologically advanced three dimensional electrical wave form. Shark Shield™ technology is available for recreational users and water sports professionals to help all people enjoy the water with a new dimension – peace of mind; for themselves, their families and employees.

Shark Shield™ was invented by the South African Government through the Natal Shark Board, home to some of the sharkiest waters in the world. It is used by the Australian Elite Military, the South African Navy the US Coast Guard and is also approved by NATO.

Shark Shield’s can be used when participating in any ocean activities including surfing, bodyboarding, longboarding, snorkelling, scuba diving, free diving, spear fishing, commercial diving, kayaking, ocean swimming and boating or fishing.Shark Shield‘s provide protection against all predatory shark species including Great Whites, Tigers, Zambezis (Bulls), Makos, Bronze Whalers, among others.

Its shark repellent products repel the sharks via an electric field that induces spasms in the sharks’ snouts. It does not attract sharks to the area or leave permanent damage to the animals, or harm the environment. Its products are proven to prevent shark attacks.

The Shark Shield™ is used by Penny Palfrey, Diana Nyad, Shark Diver™ and others on their marathon swims and channel swims.

Marathon Swimming

Shark shields are defined by the Marathon Swimmers Federation as non-performance-enhancing equipment.

New York to London Swim

Michael Ventre, an open water swimmer from Botswana, is planning the New York to London Swim, a solo stage swim of 3,800 miles (6,115 km) from New York to London across the Atlantic Ocean beginning in April 2017 to benefit Oxfam. Thames Baths, Torq Fitness, Shark Shield, Dry Robe, and Xtreme Adventure Foods are the event sponsors.


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