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Suzie Dods hosts and organizes the 24-Hour Swim Relay in Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay, California

Suzie Dods is a 61-year-old American open water swimmer and coach from the San Francisco Bay area.

Marathon Swimming Career

24 Hour Swim Relay in San Francisco

Dods is the visionary and race director of a 24-hour non-stop open water swimming relay in Aquatic Park in San Francisco, California. The 24 Hour Swim Relay in SF is a 4-person non-stop open water swimming relay held on 8-9 February 2014 for a total of 75 open water swimmers. It was nominated for the 2014 WOWSA Awards' World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

24 Hour Swim Relay Videos

videos by Lisa Amorao

2014 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Nomination

"Swimming all day and all night is profoundly mystical. Swimming in California’s Aquatic Park is wonderfully magical. The famous Canadian relay, the 24 Heures La Tuque in Québec, is simply iconic. Visionary Suzie Dods brings the otherworldliness, the magic, and the iconic history of a 24 Hour Swim to motivated swimmers of all abilities and speeds. Within the view of the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge, swimmers of various backgrounds come together in celebration of marathon swimming in a cool mid-winter swim. The camaraderie, the passion, and the courage of aquatic adventurers at the 24 Hour Swim are profoundly appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed by all its participants and volunteers. For her creative vision, for her organizational and decision-making skills, for her tenacity and grit to see the event through to completion, Suzie Dods’s 24 Hour Swim is a worthy nominee for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year."

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2014 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year Nominees


The Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test or END-WET, is a 36-mile (57.9 km) mixed-sports event where solo and relay open water swimmers pit themselves against other endurance athletes down the Red River between North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota in the United States. It is one of the longest marathon swims in the world. The event is organized and directed by Andy Magness.

Catalina Channel Crossing

Catalina Channel Half Century Club

1. Jim Clifford (USA), 62 years 11 months, CM in 9:49 on 28 September 2014
2. Bob West (USA), 62, CM in 15:49 in 1998
3. Gary Greenwood (USA), 62, CM in 13:08 in 2004
4. Pat Gallant-Charette (USA), 60, CM in 14:11 in 2011
5. Mo Siegel (USA), 60, CM in 13:08 in 2011
6. Scott Lautman (USA), 60 CM in 12:09 in 2013
7. Bob Needham (USA), 58, CM in 13:10 in 2011
8. Tom Hecker (USA), 57, CM in 10:45 in 2009
9. Richard Knepper (USA), 56, MC in 11:56 in 2005
10. Barbara Held (USA), 56, CM in 9:36 in 2010
11. Mark Smitherman (USA), 56, CM in 11:52 in 2014
12. Carol Sing (USA), 55, CM in 10:38 in 1997
13. Bill Hoehn (USA), 55, CM in 12:57 in 2005
14. Kevin Murphy (Great Britain), 54, CM in 15:23 in 2003
15. Roger Finch (South Africa), 54, CM in 9:45:02 in 2012
16. Dave Van Mouwerik (USA), 54, CM in 12:09:07 in 2012
17. Ned Denison (Ireland), 54, CM 8:50:04 in 2012
18. Peter Tanham (Australia), 54, CM in 10:07 in 2014
19. Anthony McCarley (USA), 54, CM in 13:00.3 in 2014
20. Nick Almos-Lau (Mexico), 53, CM in 12:40 in 1999
21. James Fitzpatrick (USA), 53, CM in 14:59 in 2008 (to Newport Beach)
22. Jim McConica (USA), 53, CM in 10:19 in 2004
23. Douglas McConnell (USA), 53, CM in 12:41:13 in 2012
24. David Cooper (USA), 52, CM in 13:19 in 2005
25. Dan Richards (USA), 52, CM in 10:10 2008
26. Chris Burke (USA), 52, CM in 11:22 in 2014
27. Alan Bell (USA), 51, CM in 9:28 in 2001
28. Chris Palfrey (Australia), 51, CM in 10:30 in 2009
29. Lynn Kubasek (USA), 51, CM in 15:53 in 2009
30. Daniel Robinson (USA), 51, CM in 9:57 in 2008
31. Ron Collins (USA), 51, CM in 10:05 on 10 September 2013
32. Antonio Argüelles (Mexico), 50, CM in 10:25 in 2009
33. William Newbern (USA), 50, CM in 12:48 in 2005
34. Ray Meltvedt (USA), 50, CM in 15:25 in 2010
35. Suzie Dods (USA), 50, MC in 18:36 in 2010
36. Dale Petranech (USA), 50, CM in 13:28 in 1985
37. John Hill (USA), 50, CM in 19:15 in 1985
38. Frank Reynolds (USA), 50, CM in 10:34 in 1987
39. Jim Barber (USA), 50, CM in 8:43 in 2010
40. Sue Free (USA), 50, CM in 11:23 in 2012
41. Bridgette Hobart Janeczko (USA), 50, CM 11:27:16 in 2012
42. Hendrik Meerman (USA), CM, 50, 12:48:30 in 2012
43. Scott Tapley (USA), MC, 50, 17:43:12 in 2014

Sarah Thomas' Lake Powell Swim

Courtesy of Jamie Patrick of Adventure Swimmer Productions in association with Sea Nymph Films showcases Sarah Thomas' unprecedented 81.8-mile (131.6 km) crossing of Lake Powell along the Arizona-Utah border in the western USA on 4-6 October 2016 in 56 hours 5 minutes. Still photos by Ken Classen.

Lake Tahoe Open Water Swimming Association

Dods is a member of the board of directors of the Northern California Open Water Swimming Association and the Lake Tahoe Open Water Swimming Association. The Northern California Open Water Swimming Association is a non-profit governing body sanctioning marathon swims in Northern California, including across Lake Tahoe and in San Francisco Bay. A chapters is the Lake Tahoe Open Water Swimming Association.

The courses of the Association include 16.2 km Round-Trip Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, the 21.3-mile Lake Tahoe Length Length, the 12-mile Lake Tahoe Width True Width, and the 10.5-mile Lake Tahoe Vikingsholm.

Completing the three Lake Tahoe swims will earn swimmers the Lake Tahoe Triple Crown™ issued by the Lake Tahoe Open Water Swimming Association.

The members of its board of directors includes Patrick O’Malley Daly, Chair of the Course Committee, Suzie Dods, Suzanne Heim-Bowen, Sylvia Lacock, Ranie Pearce, Bryan Temmermand, Michael Tschantz-Hahn, and Steve Walker.

Marathon Swim Stories

She appeared with Shannon House Keegan on Marathon Swim Stories.

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