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SwimTrek offers swim holidays along the Salt River in Arizona
Yacht swims in Egypt organised by the Masters of the Sea Egypt
Yacht swim in Egypt organised by the Masters of the Sea Egypt

noun - A swim holiday is specific activity and period of time where individuals celebrate or conduct an event surrounding or oriented towards swimming. The intention of a swim holiday is typically to visit a location and focus on the practice, exploration or enjoyment of swimming whether in a pool or open body of water.

Yacht Swimming

Many swim holidays are also yacht swims or swim cruise holidays where participants swim near or around a yacht or boat that serves as their escort boat and accommodations.


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SwimTrek was nominated for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year award and is considered the biggest player in the swimming holiday market.

Its World Open Water Swimming Association nomination reads, SwimTrek is the leader in the lifestyle market of open water swimming vacations. Innovative, global and ever-growing, SwimTrek provides unique package tours that meet the needs of everyone from neophyte triathletes to hard-core English Channel aspirants. Staffed by personable, experienced guides, the SwimTrek tours range from short swims to distance swims everywhere from tropical oceans to temperate lakes. Safe, enjoyable and memorable, SwimTrek continues to refine its tours as the market develops more aquapreneurs offering more options. Its sense of community and its encouragement to those from every walk of life and ability in aqueous venues is what enables it to retain its leadership position. For its plethora of opportunities in wondrous bodies of water, for Simon Murie and his colleagues at SwimTrek who remain courteously hospitable and creative, SwimTrek is a worthy nominee for the 2012 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.


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