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Ted Keenan is an inductee of the Ireland Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
Ted Keenan, at ISHOF in 1989

Ted Keenan (passed away 24 September 2013) was an Irish open water swimmer from Fermanagh. He had been a joiner by trade and looked after various major contracts in his profession as a site agent. He was a site agent on the old Erne Hospital. In ensuing years, he was Area Superintendent for Enterprise Ulster. He retired in ground maintenance with the Western Education and Library Board for Fermanagh and West Tyrone.

Open Water Swimming Highlights

  • He is a Silver Patron of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.
  • He was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as an Honor Swimmer in 1984.
  • In addition to his channel swims, he also completed several charity swims in the Aid of Cancer Research, and the physically and mentally handicapped.
  • His son Brian Keenan (known as Robbo) crewed on many of Ted's swims and his daughter Chanele was named after his English Channel swim.
  • 13 August 1972 - English Channel in 18 hours 11 minutes on a spring tide, the first swimmer born in Ireland to complete the crossing
  • 11 August 1973 - North Channel in 18 hours 27 minutes, in 8.8-11°C (48-52°F) waters
  • 17 July 1975 - Bristol Channel in 14 hours 26 minutes - from Glen Cove in England to Coney Beach at Porthcawl, Wales, its widest point
  • Keenan and Kevin Murphy were the only individuals to successfully cross the North Channel, English Channel, and Bristol Channel for more than 40 years. These three swims together are known as THE ORIGINAL TRIPLE CROWN.
  • 1967 Lough Erne - with widest point Magho Point to Kesh
  • 1968 Lough Erne, 9 miles in 5 hours and 20 minutes
  • 1968 Mullaghmore to Bundoran, 9 miles in 6 hours 15 minutes
  • 1970 Lough Erne, 9 miles in 6 hours 15 minutes
  • 1971 Lough Erne, 9 miles in 5 hours 42 minutes
  • 1976 Donegal Bay, St. Johns Point over to Bundoran in around 8 hours 30 minutes
  • 1982 Mullaghmore to Bundoran (Donegal Bay) in 6 hours 53 minutes
  • He had two unsuccessful English Channel attempts: in 1970 from France ended 19 hours 48 minutes at Goodwin Sanmds in tretcherous conditions and in 1993 after having a triple bypass.

Irish Long Distance Swimming Association

Keenan is the namesake for the Irish Long Distance Swimming Association Ted Keenan Ulster Open Water Swimmer of the Year given annually to the swimmer from Ulster who has best represented open water swimming.

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