Highland Lakes Challenge

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Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge

The Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge is a 5-day open water swimming stage race held in five separate lakes near Austin, Texas, U.S.A. The race is traditionally held in mid-October and consists of the Monster Challenge, a one-mile Mini-Challenge, and single-stage swims. It is hosted and organized by the American Swimming Association under the direction of Dr. Keith Bell and Sandy Neilson-Bell.

The Monster Challenge consists of five open water swimming races averaging 3 miles each day for 5 consecutive days. The final placing is determined by the cumulative time for all five stages. The total distance is 15.6 miles with the expected water temperature between 25.5-26.6°C (78-80°F)

It was named one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.


The race is named after Tex Robertson, a Gold Medallion winner of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.


Stage 1 on Day 1 is in Lake Buchanan
Stage 2 on Day 2 is in Inks Lake
Stage 3 on Day 3 is in Lake LBJ
Stage 4 on Day 4 is in Lake Marble Falls
Stage 5 on Day 5 is in Lake Travis

Each day's stage race begins at 9:00 am. No wetsuits are allowed. The water temperature is between 25.5-26.6°C (78-80°F).

The Tex Robertson Highland Lakes Challenge also offers a three-stage Weekend Warrior option. Instead of the 5-stage Monster Challenge, swimmers can participate in the last three stages.

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