Turn Buoy

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A triangular pyramid buoy or a tetrahedron buoy used in open water swimming. A turn buoy on the Big Shoulders course in Lake Michigan

noun - Turn buoy is a distinctively marked or colored float or marker in the water, anchored to mark the course for swimmers. Turn buoys are directional in nature and must be passed on a specific side of the body as race instructions dictate.


There are four turn buoys throughout the race course that the swimmers must go around to finish.


1425–75; late ME boye a float


can, float, marker, buoy

Types of Turn Buoys

World's Most Unique Turn Buoy

The 15 km Clean Half Extreme Marathon Swim in Hong Kong from Stanley to Deep Water Bay with carbon-neutral relay teams of 5 people, soloists, and yak swimmers (2 swimmers and a kayak who rotate every 30 minutes through the course) has the world's most unique turn buoy or tunes buoy.

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