Twin Cities Open Water Half Marathon

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The Twin Cities Open Water Half Marathon is a 4-race stage series that equals 13.1 miles of open water swimming competitions. It is one of America's Top 100 Open Water Swims.


  • Stage 1: 1 Mile and 2 Mile @ Lake Harriet in June
  • Stage 2: 5-mile Minnetonka Challenge in July
  • Stage 3: 5 km @ Lake Rebecca in August
  • Stage 4: 2 Mile and 1 Mile @ Lake Minnetonka in September


  • Stage I (Lake Harriet): 1-mile clockwise course and a 2-mile counterclockwise
  • Stage II: 5-mile point-to-point course from Excelsior Beach to Wayzata Beach with directional buoys placed at each mile
  • Stage III: a counterclockwise triangular course
  • Stage IV: an out-and-back course to Spirit Island

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