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Alcatrazes is a Brazilian archipelago, located some 35 km south of São Sebastião in the northern coast of the State of São Paulo, one hour away by boat, approximately. It is protected by the largest marine conservation area of Brazil after the Abrolhos Marine National Park.

The name of the archipelago comes from a bird which forms the second largest population of birds at the place, with an estimated 3 million specimens: the brown bobby, which is also known as "alcatraz", a word that in Arabic means "the diver", due to its ability of diving into the sea to capture fishes or squids.

Open Water Swimming

Ricardo Augusto Dagua, a Brazilian open water swimmer and surfer from Camburi in São Paulo, completed a 40 km ocean swim between the mainland and Alcatrazes in 2019 on his fourth attempt

Alcatrazes 40k Swim

Ricardo Augusto Dagua attempted a 40 km swim three times to the island of Alcatrazes in 2016, 2017 and 2018 before he finally completed the 40 km open water swim in 15 hours 30 minutes in 2019.

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