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Speedos used at the Speedo Ice Swim
Swimwear commonly referred to as Speedos
Swimwear commonly referred to as Speedos
Swimwear commonly referred to as Speedos

noun - Bathing suit is a type of tight-fitting men's swim wear. Bathing suits include any brand of racing swim wear especially those worn in competitive swimming, water polo, open water swimming, lifesaving and diving competitions. The popularity of the Australian Speedo (established 1928) brand racing swimsuit has led to the use of its name to refer to any racing or swim brief regardless of the manufacturer. The swimwear is made of fast-drying, form-fitting nylon and spandex (Lycra), polyester or other materials and are cut similar to underwear briefs.

They are worn for various reasons including ease of movement in water, reduction of drag as compared to Board shorts, skin exposure, style, quick drying time, minimization of friction and water retention, and the ability to be worn under pants or shorts.


Speedo, Speedos, Swim brief, Swimsuit, Competition brief, Togs, Bathers, Racing bathers, Posing briefs, Racing brief, Banana hammock, Budgie smugglers, Bikini, Cossie, Swimmers, Swimming costume, Bathing costume, Swimming trunks, Trunks, Grape smugglers, Sluggos

Brands and Manufacturers

Speedo, TYR, Nike, Dolfin, Arena, Kiefer, Adidas, aussieBum, Nautica

Wool Suits in the First Half of the 20th Century

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