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Heron Lake and Bray Lake advertisement for 2013 open water swimmingseason

Bray Lake is site of the Bray Lake Open Water Swimming Centre where triathletes and open water swimmers of all abilities, from novice triathletes to aspiring English Channel swimmers, trains a couple of minutes from the M4, very easily accessible from Windsor, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas in south England. It is a relatively short distance from London for open water swimmers and triathletes who commute along the M4 corridor.


Facilities include male and female changing rooms, power showers, a cafe offering hot and cold drinks, breakfasts and snacks, free wi-fi, giant flat screen TV and music in a clubhouse.


On-site triathlon and open water swimming coaching, in line with the NOWCA and BTF guidelines, is available with resident Coaches. Coaching sessions are available to book as 1:1 or Group sessions. Open water swimming coaching and training includes beginner introduction swims, individual swim coaching and group swim coaching

Introduction Swims (1 hour)

This guided session helps build your ability and confidence, taking away the fear of open water swimming. It can be organised individually or in small groups.

Individual or Group Coaching (1 hour)

Open Water Swimming is often seen as the most intimidating and challenging part of triathlon. The one hour sessions are adapted and tailored to your needs and can be run on an individual or group basis. Sessions include sighting techniques, swimming straight, navigation, turning, drafting, breathing, exiting and transitions.


Affiliated Location

Heron Lake


Price per person, Beginner Induction, £45
Group Induction, £25
Individual Coaching, £45
Group Coaching, £30
Training Days, from £50

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