Open Water Swimming Race Calendar

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noun - The Global Open Water Swimming Race Calendar is a global compilation of open water swimming races, events, conferences, seminars, clinics, camps, and get-togethers. It is organized and managed by Open Water Source and is owned by the World Open Water Swimming Association.

Input and Data Sharing

Information can be uploaded by race directors and representatives of governing bodies throughout the world as well as Event Editors and Event Contributors.

Event Editors are individuals who edits information about the open water swimming events posted at the WOWSA-supported Race Calendar. Event Contributors are WOWSA members who wish to add open water swims to the Race Calendar.

Size and Scope

With an estimated 12,000 open water swimming events in at least 162 countries around the world, the WOWSA-supported Global Open Water Swimming Race Calendar is growing with the support of Event Editors and Event Contributors who continue to add information (dates, distances, locations, course details, etc.).

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