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Jose Diaz, Visionary behind Nadandolibre
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Jose Diaz of Nadandolibre
Articles of renowned swimmers in English and Spanish
Articles of swimmers of every age and ability

Nadandolibre is a fantastically entertaining bilingual (Spanish + English) blog and website created and managed by Jose Diaz, a passionate visionary, commentator and coach of the sport of open water swimming.

In Nadandolibre, Diaz writes about many of open water swimming's greatest swimmers and adventurers. Both prepared in English and Spanish, his bilingual information of exceptional aquatic adventures is a joy to receive and to read.

Interviewees of Nadandolibre

Diaz's one-on-one interviews with the contemporary greats of the sport range from channel adventurer Penny Palfrey to world champion David Meca.

From Spain to America, Diaz's online prose spans the globe.


The open water swimming world comes alive when Diz colorfully describe its heroes and heroines on his bilingual Nadandolibre.

For nadando libre - or swimming free - is what Diaz is passionate about. His love and appreciation of movement in the water - for fitness and competition, for Olympians and young children - are incredibly deep. Jose writes well and writes often. He delves into the soul of the open water swimmer and helps us understand their psyche and their motivations.

His questions penetrate the cloak of invincibility. He draws out their opinions, worries and outlook that is both entertaining and refreshing to learn.

It is clear that Jose has a profound understanding of the physical demands and mental toll of marathon swimming on one's mind and body. And Jose most definitely demonstrates a comprehensive vision of the future of the sport.

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Stories, documents and poems of the world's best swimmers for Jose Diaz · Nadandolibre ·

Poetry, story writing ... intangible feat that we can only describe with words ... appearing in a story unknown to the world and turning it into a tangible experience for all, written by the hands that swam and lived a great experience to win or fail in the great world of water and we now have the voice that has not to express.

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Diaz also created the first open water swimming hip hop song that is quite popular in the European open water swimming circles.

His bilingual blog was enhanced to a website format, launched in December 2011.

His training methodologies are innovative and effective.

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