Patmos Revelation

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Antonis Fokaidis by Elias Lefas, promoting the 2017 Patmos Revelation in Greece

The Patmos Revelation is a 1.6 km open water swimming and running event held in Grikos Bay on Patmos in Greece.


Patmos is 34.05 square km (13 square mile) largely barren, mountainous island in Greece with volcanic soil and sheer cliffs rising from the Aegean Sea where, according to Christian tradition, St. John was exiled in A.D. 95 after being persecuted for his faith by the Romans and where he wrote his Gospel and the Book of Revelation. In 1088, a monk built a monastery on the island dedicated to the saint. This established Patmos as a pilgrimage site and a center of Greek Orthodox learning, which it remains to this day. In 1999, Unesco declared the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian—along with the Cave of the Apocalypse, where St. John is said to have received his revelations from God, and the nearby medieval settlement of Chora—a World Heritage site. Patmos was used by a place of exile for convicts by the Romans. St. John found safe refuge in the island in the 1st century A.D., exiled by the Emperor Domitian.

Most Idyllic Place To Live

Forbes in a 2009 research has named Patmos as Europe's Most Idyllic Place to live, due to the fact that "Patmos has evolved over the centuries but has not lost its air of quiet tranquility, which is one reason why people that know it return again and again."

2017 Promotion

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