Sally Bauer

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Sally Bauer

Sally Bauer (born 29 July 1908, died 15 June 2001) was a Swedish pool and channel swimmer.

Open Water Swimming Career

  • She was the first person to swim across the 8-mile Øresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden in 1931.
  • Between 1934 and 1937, Bauer set 17 Swedish national freestyle records in events ranging from the 200-meter freestyle to the mile.
  • On 4 August 1938, she swam across the Kattegat from Gniben to Hou Knuden in 17 hours 5 minutes
  • She crossed the English Channel from France to England on 27 August 1939 in 15 hours 22 minutes, the first Swedish swimmer to do so
  • She crossed again in 1951 at the age of 43 when she finished 14th in the 1951 Daily Mail race, a professional marathon swimming competition across the English Channel

English Channel Races

The Daily Mail races and the Billy Butlin Cross Channel International Swim were a series of professional marathon swimming competitions across the English Channel that brought the best marathon swimmers in the world to the Dover Strait. Sponsored and organized by Billy Butlin of Butlin's Holiday Camps between 1953 and 1959, the races followed the tradition of the Daily Mail races across the English Channel in 1950-1952.

1951 Daily Mail Race

Egyptian, 34-year-old Mareeh Hassan Hamad, won the 1951 Daily Mail race in 12 hours 12 minutes by 1 minute over Frenchman Roger Le Morvan. The results were as follows:

1. Mareeh Hassan Hamad (Egypt) 12:12
2. Roger Le Morvan (France) 12:13
3. Hassan Abdel Rehim (Egypt) - 12:25
4. Saied El Arabi (Egypt) 12:42
5. Brenda Fisher (England) 12:42 - First woman
6. Godfrey Chapman (England) 12:56
7. Winnie Roach (Canada) 13:25
8. Enriqueta Duarte (Argentina) 13:26
9. Lars Beril Warle (Sweden) 13:28
10. Raphael Morand (France) 13:45
11. Jenny James (Wales) 13:55
12. Jason Zirganos (Greece) 14:01
13. Jan Van Hemsbergen (Netherlands) 14:03
14. Sally Bauer (Sweden) 14:04
15. Antonio Abertondo (Argentina) 14:14
16. William E. (Ned) Barnie (Scotland) 15:01
17. Jenny Kammersgaard (Denmark) 15:38
18. Daniel Carpio (Peru) 23:05


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