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Swimming laterally across ocean swells
A wave of swimmers at the Midmar Mile in South Africa before the start of an open water swim
Waves in the ocean
A slurpee wave in Nantucket, Massachusetts photographed by Jonathan Nimerfroh
Ocean waves hitting the coast near the Huntington Beach pier. Photo by Allen J. Schaben of the Los Angeles Times

noun - Wave is a specific group of individuals who start at the same time in an open water swimming competition. Individuals in specific waves can be determined by gender, age, speed, ability or distance or course to be swum. Waves are usually started in different intervals that can generally range from 1-10 minutes. At very large races, racers may be finishing the entire race when the last wave begins their swim or even on different days.


The young boy and his father were in different waves at the start of the triathlon.

Types of Waves

Different types of waves in an open body of water include:

Waves can be measured and described by the Douglas Sea Scale.


heat, group, swell

Big Wave Video of Team Grom by Issac Sokol

In Makaha on western Oahu, surfed by Team From

Coastal Challenge Workout Along The Surf Line

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