3 Anchor Bay

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Martin Goodman swimming to Robben Island from 3 Anchor Bay in South Africa, together with Roger Finch and Theodore Yach with the help of Derrick Frazer
Theodore Yach, walking upon Three Anchor Bay on the cover of the April 2016 issue of Open Water Swimming Magazine after crossing Robben Island the for 100th time on his Century Crossing

Three Anchor Bay is part of Cape Town, South Africa sitting along the Atlantic Ocean seaboard. As part of Cape Town, the second largest and southernmost city in South Africa, it is one finish point of the Robben Island swim.

Cape Town is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in world. With the Table Mountain providing a backdrop to the city and mountains, beaches and wineries lining the landscape, Capetonians are so proud of their home. The friendliness and diversity of the Capetonians themselves accounts for much of the attraction of the city. A former major trading port, Cape Town has become a cultural melting pot of British, Dutch, French & German settlers and the local Khoisan and Bantu tribes.

Open Water Swims

Brenton Williams became the second person to complete the 11.5 km crossing between 3 Anchor Bay and Robben Island swimming butterfly on 3 December 2012 in 12ºC (53.6ºF) water. The swim was ratified by the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association. A South African swimmer, Chris Barnard completed the [[Blouberg to Robben Island crossing doing butterfly in February 1990.


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